The Wurstbrats

Some members of Sweet Georgia Sound live for the greatest hits of Oktoberfests. They express that passion for polka as the Wurstbrats. The Wurstbrats have been a staple for Oktoberfests in Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain and Atlanta for over fifteen years.

The Wurstbrats style is that of a German-Austrian-Polish city festival band. You’ll hear songs you know like ‘The Beer Barrel Polka’ and ‘The Pennsylvania Polka’. You’ll hear many tunes that would be familiar if you were from the Old Country. Listen to the clip below.

We bring the Oompah to the Tennessee Valley and beyond. Have the Wurstbrats at your polka-themed event and enjoy the ecstasy of the Chicken Dance.

The Wurstbrats playing at Rocktoberfest 2021 at Rock City. To hear on Facebook, follow this link. The video accompanying the audio track is primarily of the Rock City Fall Fairy dancing. Views of the Wurstbrats in the video are infrequent.

You can bring the Wurstbrats to your event by calling Jeff Sandy at 423-380-9210 (a local to Chattanooga number).

You can also reach Jeff via email at ‘information at (@)’