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  • SGS at the Ringgold Depot Opry

    SGS at the Ringgold Depot Opry

    Last year the February show at Ringgold Depot Opry was the first of Sweet Georgia Sound’s three performances in 2023. Although the spotlight tonight is now on Jimmy Tawater, we invite you to relive the SGS visit through this link. Join the Ringgold Depot Opry tonight as we celebrate the Opry’s 30th Anniversary. Catch the…

  • Return to Abba’s House

    Return to Abba’s House

    Last night at Abba’s House Sweet Georgia Sound returned to the Senior Gala stage for the third consecutive year. The air was filled with nostalgia as they delivered two hours of timeless hits from the American Songbook. Vocalists Greg Glover and Valerie Duke captivated the audience, while Raymond Farley, an Abba’s House member, took the…